Inclusive Games Training

The Inclusive Games Training programme is a two hour practical course available to SNA’s, parents, carers, coaches and leaders.  This course will show you how to play and organise various games that are suitable for all children. You will also be shown how to adapt the games to suit people with disabilities. The course gives practical examples of ways to include people with disabilities in any sport and physical activity programme. All the equipment needed is outlined and you will be shown how to make your own equipment.

At the end of the course each participant will receive a manual detailing all the games, activities that were taught so that you will be able to organise activities with your own group. The manual contains copies of resource cards showing the warm ups, games and activities that you will be taught.

Disability Awareness and Sports Inclusion Training for Transion Year Pupils

The Disability Awareness programme recommenced for secondary schools in the Louth area in 2013/4. 10 secondary schools participated in the programme since 2009 with great success.

The Disability Awareness programme provides teenagers in transition year with an understanding of what the term disability means. The main aim of the programme is to provide teenagers with an understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals who may sufferer from a disability. It is hoped that this experience will help them develop a more positive, respectful and understanding attitude towards the issues faced by individuals with a disability.

The Programme consists of a one and half hour theory session, followed by a two hour wheelchair practical session, where the pupils get to participate in games and activities aimed at individuals in wheelchairs.   The Session can be split in two or run over one day.

This programme which is subsidised by the Louth Sports Partnership is free of charge and is run in conjunction with the Irish Wheelchair Association sports project. If you are interested in finding out more about this programme or would like to make a booking please contact Ciaran McLoughlin, Irish Wheelchair Association, Ardee on 041-6853046 or e-mail