Sportshall Athletics emphasises the importance of team competition, fair play and the fact that taking part and trying your hardest is more important than winning.

The Sportshall Athletics Kit introduces children to the benefits of sport by involving them in exhilarating, confidence-building competitions. This flexible kit comprises everything you need to host successful and structured Agility Challenge and Sportshall Competitions for children aged 7-16. Sportshall Athletics includes a range of ‘fun activities’ that help young people to learn the basic running, jumping and throwing skills by using specially designed equipment. A typical session would see a class practice long jump, hurdle jumps, bouncing at speed, relay runs and javelin throwing.

Sportshall has an underpinning philosophy of

  • Appropriate competition for children
  • Learning to compete in a non stressful environment
  • Avoidance of over specialisation at a young age
  • Learning the merits of fair play, being part of a team and doing ones best for the teams.

It is an enjoyable method of developing fundamental sports skills and fitness during cold winter months and an age appropriate pathway into mainstream participation.

Sportshall is a colourful, fun, indoor programme of team athletics for children. It is concerned with introducing children to athletics in a fun filled environment and developing fundamental (ABCs) foundation skills for all sports. Provision is made on the programme for inter schools and inter county team competitions.

Three years ago louth only had two schools participating in the sportshall athletics now in 2014 we have 9 schools participating in the sport so year by year the sport is growing and getting more competitive every year.

This year pupils from St. Joseph’s, Bay Estate, CBS Primary and St. Nicholas Boys School competed in the Fourth annual Louth Sportshall Athletics event. The event was held in the MPC in DKIT on Friday 4th March. The programme is a Louth Sports Partnership initiative which has been set up and organised by Tríona Faapito, Sports Coordinator Dundalk Sports Centre in conjunction with DKIT.