Medal Winner Nice, 2015

Medal Winner
Nice, 2015

CúChulainn Archers

CúChulainn Archers members win Gold and Bronze for Ireland at European Masters Games in Nice, October 2015

Lightning storms, torrential rains and floods could not keep the Irish Masters Team from competing in the European Masters Games Tournament, which was held in Nice in the south of France in early October this year.  The team comprised of 6 archers plus a Coach/Manager.  Two of the archers (John Keenan and Deirdre Rogers)  and the Coach/Manager (Éamonn Rogers) were from the local archery club, CúChulainn Archers.

Arrivals were disrupted because of the storms,  with flights circling  in the air above Nice Airport for some time, aborted landings, redirection to Marseilles with an overnight stay there and ending in a bus journey before they finally arrived in Nice for the week long competition.  Registration complete they retired to their accommodation.

A shuttle bus was provided to take the archers and their gear from the nearest bus stop to the grounds of Francs Archers de Nice.  Monday and Tuesday were Free Practise and Official Practice went well though the heat gave warning of how it would be during the tournament.

Qualifiers started on Wednesday, and all shot well, though the temperature was in the high 30’s – not your typical Irish weather and flies proved a constant irritant to some of our archers.

Friday was Head – to – Head day, with team members finishing in 9th and 16th places, and John and Deirdre through to the medal matches.

Medal matches on Saturday saw CúChulainn Archers members John Keenan claim the Gold Medal for Ireland and Deirdre Rogers claim the Bronze.

All in all, the competition went very well,  all agreed that it was a great experience and hope to repeat it again.