Dundalk Sports Centre have released dates for upcoming summer camps 2019. Contact Dundalk Sports Centre to book Places on ALL courses . 042-9392987

Multisport – a camp that keeps all children active. Kids games with fun twists, there is a game for every child. FUN GUARANTEED. Ages 6-14 welcome.

Inclusability – A camp tailored towards children with Physical, Intellectual and Sensory Needs. All games are adjusted to participants needs to make it as inclusive as possible. Helpful Coaches, friends to make and games to play.

Basketball Camp – Basketball camps are split into two categories – Junior (9 to 13) and Senior (14-17). It focuses on developing each camper into better basketball players. With experienced coaches who will be assisting the participants in strengthening the weaker points of their game, and perfecting the strong points. All while having FUN.