Supporting sport & active recreation in Louth

Fit Line for Over 55s

Go for Life FitLine in running in Co. Louth for further details on the programme and how to get involved please click Fitline for over 55s LeafletRead More

Rising Stars National Schools Golf Programme

The programme aims to give a fun introduction to the game, using modified equipment, games and activities, suitable to both indoor and outdoor use in a fun, safe manner. The emphasis of the instruction is “simplicity” with the focus being on propreceptive, visual and auditory feedback with specific word cues to ensure maximum results with minimum instruction. The programme is delivered by LDGolf Ltd.… Read More

Sportshall Athletics

Sportshall Athletics emphasises the importance of team competition, fair play and the fact that taking part and trying your hardest is more important than winning. The Sportshall Athletics Kit introduces children to the benefits of sport by involving them in exhilarating, confidence-building competitions. This flexible kit comprises everything you need to host successful and structured Agility Challenge and Sportshall Competitions for children aged 7-16.… Read More

Buntús Start

Buntús Start is an Irish Sports Council programme which was set up in County Louth by Louth Local Sports Partnership and Louth County Childcare Committee. For further details of the work that Louth County Childcare Committee are involved in please click on their website Buntús Start is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged 2-5 years old. It has been designed for use in pre-school settings so that pre-school and playgroup leaders can provide a wide range of learning opportunities for young children to develop their fundamental motor skills, manipulative skills, co-ordination and balancing skills and develop a positive attitude to physical activity.… Read More

Be Active ASAP

The Be Active After-School Activity Programme is an exciting new initiative currently being delivered in 75 schools in the HSE Dublin North East area. This programme is co-ordinated through the Health Promotion Department of the HSE Dublin North East, lead by Dr. Nazih Eldin. Over 2,000 children from Meath, Louth, Dublin, Monaghan and Cavan are currently participating in the programme. The programme is being rolled out nationally from September 2012.… Read More

Girls In Action

GIRLS IN ACTION is a joint initiative funded by the HSE and Louth Local Sports Partnership . The programme is being offered to all secondary schools with female pupils in Co. Louth . The Girls in Action programme provides a model of good practice which encourages young girls to participate in physical activity.  The main aim of the programme is to provide more opportunities for teenage girls to participate in non-competitive activities. … Read More

Inclusive Games Training

Inclusive Games Training The Inclusive Games Training programme is a two hour practical course available to SNA’s, parents, carers, coaches and leaders.  This course will show you how to play and organise various games that are suitable for all children. You will also be shown how to adapt the games to suit people with disabilities. The course gives practical examples of ways to include people with disabilities in any sport and physical activity programme.… Read More


Buntús Start, Buntús Play and Multi Sport and Buntús Sport Specific are exciting programmes developed to support teachers and other adults in introducing young people of primary school age to sport and to develop their interest in activity. The three key components of the programme – training, resource cards and equipment – are designed to provide easy to understand, and accessible support to give children a fun, but high quality, introduction to sport.… Read More

Buntús Sport Specific

The Irish Sports Council has linked with the FAI, IRFU, Badminton Ireland, Junior Golf Ireland and Basketball Ireland to deliver the Buntús Sports Specific Programmes aimed at 7-11year olds to Primary and Special Needs Schools in all Local Sports Partnership areas. All schools entering the programme will receive the Buntús Play and Buntús Multi-sport programmes prior to receiving the Buntús Sports Specific Programmes.… Read More

Sports Leadership Award

  Louth Local Sports Partnership are offering Transition Year students the chance to participate in the Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership which will be delivered by tutors trained by the Irish Sports Council. The syllabus is designed to develop generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of sports and/or recreational situations as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner.… Read More