Our Inclusibility Camps are multi sports and activity camps for children with a disability and their siblings , these camps provide a complete mix of sports, games and physical activities. We want all children to get the same opportunities as our main stream camps and offer similar games and activities, just adapted to suit the individuals needs. Children with a disability sometimes do not get the opportunity to go to sports specific camps, for different reasons. So we want kids to have that opportunity, we have various NGBs visit and take sessions in our camps. These include GAA, FAI, Badminton Ireland, Volleyball Ireland and Irish Wheelchair Association, in Summer 2019 we hope to have more NGBs on board. 

The main goal of our Inclusibility camps is to give every child no matter what their abilities are, the same opportunities to experience sport and physical activities in a fun, safe environment. Everyone deserves that. Our Dundalk Sports Centre camps across the board are fun and safe with plenty of  smiles, we want the same fun, safe environment with the same opportunities at our Inclusibility camps. We want to have this opportunity for kids to participate and feel it’s their space, their activities, catered for them, meeting them “where they are at”. With having the option to take a sister or brother, they have the confidence in coming and the support around them.   Our camps are for everyone. So coming to our camps you know its mixed abilities. We are all “Differently-abled”. Every single sport or activity can be adapted to suit the individual. And to some peoples surprise the adaptive games can sometimes be way more fun it’s all about opportunity to experience the fun of sport no matter WHAT YOUR ABILITY. Sport and physical activity is so good for us in many ways, of course health and fitness, but the joy and fun you get in just playing no matter what it is or how you play it, is really the core of it….fun and pure joy always produces laughter and sure that’s what life’s all about finding the JOY!

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